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If you've been worried that you might not be ready for the coming zombie apocalypse, your worry is over! Most of us probably don't treat our bodies as well as we should, but with zombies being in the news all the time, we should start thinking about it.

Zombie runs are a good way to spread awareness and treat your body right, but if you want to be prepared for that, why not start your own zombie run at home? I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing to make sure I'm a zombie survivor.

I've reviewed The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks. If you're not familiar with it, you'll find some quotes and a summary of what you can expect from the book, a few of my thoughts about it, plus where to buy it. Great read!

Zombie films are very popular these days, but what about zombie tv?

AMC The Walking Dead is currently the most popular zombie show, but why? I break it down here.

In the Flesh is an upcoming BBC Three miniseries, and it puts a very unique twist on the zombie genre.

Babylon Fields was a show that never aired, and only the pilot episode was filmed, but for any zombie aficionado, it's a must watch. Plus, it shares similarities with In the Flesh.

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