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If you want to become a zombie killer, you must know your enemy.

There are types of zombies? I know, you're confused. The walking dead take so many forms: movies, books, games, Haitian legends. How many species are there?

From my epic and sometimes unwanted adventures, I've come across some gnarly zombies, clowns, dogs, girls, babies, even a nurse, and many more. Just like humans, there are more kinds of walking dead than we all know what to do with.

I haven't encountered every type myself, such as zombie Jesus, but I have heard stories and descriptions from others deeper in. Zombie Jesus is possibly the worst zombie you could run into, because you will not win. He still has his superpowers.

Ever since the main outbreak, we humans have been dashing around like mad to contain and type every living dead species out there. Several sources have even discovered Nazi zombies, and verified their existence as far back as early 1945.

I've also written a separate article for Nazi zombie history, which dates back to 1943. There are uniformed and non-uniformed. They existed during WWII, and a scant few still exist today, and are not nearly as populated as games and films make them.

As a general rule, you don't want to run into the Nazis. I've documented some bad stories about them, and I hope I never have to see one.

There are some very good examples of real life zombies walking around today.

Just as strange are zombie monsters (not human) - aliens, dragons, cyclops, and more! Learn what happens when these creatures become infected!

Slenderman is a popular enough subject that I've devoted an entire page to him. He does have some connection with zombies, and with aliens.

Fat zombies are rarely seen, but why? Where do they go? Shouldn't there be an equal amount? I know exactly where they went, and I'll even tell you what games and movies they're in.

An atomic zombie is created by radiation, usually from a nuclear weapon. I give a couple film examples of nuclear zombies here as well.

Learn your zombies so that you can level up from a victim runner to a zombie killer!

There's only one way to kill a zombie, and that's destroying some part of the brain. But that might get boring after a while, so I'll give you the top 6 ways on how to kill a zombie.

If you're wondering what a zombie is, here's a nice article covering my personal definition of one, and I believe it is the most generally accepted one.

Then there are strands and viruses. There are several known virus strands, each of which will create a slightly different undead.

The time for a zombie infection to turn a person depends on the kind of zombie, and on the kind of person you are. (link coming soon!)

Ever wondered what a fight between vampires and zombies would be like? Who would win? Find out here. A lot of it depends on if you go with the idea that vampires and zombies come from viruses, or if you go for a more fantastical approach.

Also, vampires and zombies are admittedly different species of human, but they do have similarities as well. Here I cover ideas about the viruses that affect them that you won't find anywhere else on the web.

Think you know your zombies? Learn even more and level up from a zombie killer to become a Zombie Hunter (link coming soon!).

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