World War Z

At first I was excited about World War Z. I haven't even read the book and I'm excited for the movie.

I read that Brad Pitt was going to be in it.

I read that it was going to follow the book as closely as possible.

I read that it was The Walking Dead meets The Bourne Identity.

Despite finding out that it was going to be a trilogy, that the script was going through rewrites, and that it wasn't actually going to follow the book at all, I still hoped for the best.

And then I saw the trailer:

What is that? Seriously, what the hell is that? I already saw the trailer for Red Dawn. I'm not interested in seeing it again.

I watched this trailer with my girlfriend and she didn't even know it was supposed to be about zombies. To me they looked like CGI ants.

And if it's anything like I Am Legend, then I definitely don't want to see it. I didn't see "horror film" anywhere in this trailer.

I mean I guess it's fine for zombies to appear in an action/war movie, but I didn't enjoy Black Hawk Down. I'm not usually a war movie kind of guy, weird I know, but despite that, I was expecting a different direction for World War Z.

What's Bad About World War Z

1. It doesn't follow the book. Many people argue that it doesn't matter, but don't just use the title of the book to generate interest if it completely disregards the book.

2. It just looks like another boring war movie. I get the feeling that zombies will fall under the "generalized other" category, the "evil that needs to be destroyed" kind of thing.

3. Looks too much like I Am Legend. I Am Legend wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't phenomenal either. I want something different!

4. Trilogy. They're planning to make three movies and they can't seem to agree on how to write the script? Hmm...

What's Good About World War Z

1. Zombies are fast. That ups the fear factor quite a bit, but at the same time can take it away, because running for the whole movie would not be all that scary.

2. It's a pre-apocalypse movie. You get to see the zombie outbreak and the destruction of the world, with the military involved in trying to stop it. I haven't seen this kind of zombie movie yet, so at least it'll be fresh in that aspect.

3. Zombies behave like animals. It seems to be less of a zombie virus and more of a horde of new, evolved, primal species of humans. They will do anything to feed, and that includes stepping over each other to reach the tops of buildings, basically working together to get at human beings.

4. Brad Pitt. Obviously. He may not save the movie from possibly being horrible, but he'll help.

5. I still have hope! Of course I'm still going to see it in theatres, who isn't? Trailers are many times misleading on how good or bad the movie actually is. No one can judge the movie too much until it actually comes out.

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