Slenderman: the Zombie

If you're reading this, likely you already know who Slenderman is. If not, catch up on the new hot trend by reading the Slender Man Wikia article. Don't worry, I'll still be here when you get back after

  • butt coffee comes out of your pants
  • you cry just like you did after you watched Braveheart

So who is Slender Man? Cause I don't want to read too much.

I know, that article is a lot of words. Who wants to read that, right? So let's sum up:

Slenderman, or Slender Man, is a tall, white, faceless, hairless humanoid in a black suit and tie. He (assumed gender) rarely moves, and when he does, he walks stiffly.

It is rumored that he can extend his limbs, like Mr. Fantastic, or like Elastigirl from The Incredibles, and it is also rumored that he has black tentacles that can come out of his freaking back, though both of these rumors have not been filmed or otherwise verified.

He also has the ability to teleport (the Slender community calls it "slenderwalking"), and has also been called the Tall Man, The Operator and the Boogeyman. He is regarded as a fourth dimensional being. Aliens are categorized as such as well.

Rumor is that he would abduct children and kill them, which is where he got the Boogeyman status. He has a basis in mythology and shares traits with The Tall Man, a germanic and Romanian myth, which was made into a 2012 horror film starring Jessica Biel.

He is supposed to have some limited mind control powers, and can also instill some memory loss.

Other traits of the Slender Man include:

  • victim mutilation (signature killing is impaling his victim on a high tree limb)
  • harvest/removal of certain organs (sound like aliens yet?)
  • causes whoever comes in contact with him to get sick, specifically nausea, coughing up blood, fever, and vomiting.

What does he have to do with zombies?

Ok, this is where it gets interesting, and this is why I chose to write about Slender Man:

One of his other features is that his presence distorts electronic equipment. You can tell if he's around because your TV or radio will start to cut out, get distorted, or otherwise act strangely. If you have a video camera on, as shown in many videos of him, it will get distorted as well.

The second I found this out about him was when I made the connection to Silent Hill.

He operates on a different plain or dimension than ours, and because our plane of existence doesn't usually get interfered with by another plane of existence, the result is that our plane will react to that interference.

It reacts that that interference by eletronic distortion. On the light waves that we don't see with the human eye.

Yes, I know, Silent Hill is not exactly zombies, but I find it interesting, the correlation between the two, the altering of reality, the victim thinking that they're going insane. And who knows if Slenderman is eating those organs he takes from you.

Not a good enough link to zombies for you? Well then figure this the crap out:

Yeah. Resident Evil 4. The plagas. The virus. Those tentacles that come out and fling out all over the place. WTF. I know right? Slenderman could very well be the creator of the sick zombie virus that will start our zombie apocalypse.

Is he real?


Lol, no. Oh, you wanted the cool answer: I hope so. That would be so freaking cool.

Why does he freak you out so much?

I don't know. I watched Sinister when it came out, and Mr. Boogie didn't freak me out at all. Sinister was stupid, by the way. I love Ethan Hawke, don't get me wrong, and the home videos were creepy and fun, but the entire movie I was thinking

"Don't do that. Don't go there. Don't watch that. Why would you be that dumb? Really, the movies are magically in your old house after you burned them, and you're going to watch them again?"

The point is, you saw way too much of Mr. Boogie, and you rarely see Slenderman in pictures and the documentaries. Plus, knowing that he can make his arms longer to grab you and that he has tentacles, and you never see them come out, and you know it could happen at any second, makes me a little nervous.

What if Slenderman is a zombie?

Ok, picture a ten foot tall white humanoid thing in a black suit, with tentacles coming at you like in Resident Evil 4, and I don't know if he would suddenly have a mouth that would open and eat you, or maybe something would burst from his chest.

Slenderman is scary enough, now he's chasing and eating you? We need to have a professional, Hollywood movie about this.

What if he's in control of zombies?

Then we're f***ed. There's a theory that he emits sigma radiation, a form of thermal radiation, that causes the victim to become sick, called Slender Sickness. This is also what's believed to cause the electronic distortions when he's around.

This sickness could drive us mad enough to do his bidding, which is killing people. We may be driven to eat and kill living people. We may become Slenderman's zombies.

What if he's the link between zombies and aliens?

Slenderman in every way screams aliens to me. His removal of organs is much like cattle mutilation, and his ability to erase memories harkens back to alien abduction.

His business suit is eerily similar to the men in black sightings, and he shares some traits with Indrid Cold from The Mothman prophecies:

  • They both mentally torment their victim
  • They cause bleeding from ears and nose
  • They both are dressed in black and have an unclear face
  • They are both usually associated with fire
  • They are both unexplainable

What if his existence is to study human fear? What if we're being studied until alien beings are tired of us and they send a zombie plague so that we destroy ourselves?

Play the Slender Man video game

Basically a reboot of Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: Arrival has improved graphics and a few more enemies, but finding the eight pages is still the objective. Watch the trailer and a brief IGN playthrough below:

Blue Isle Studios, the makers of the game, partnered with Marble Hornets, the YouTube channel that boosted slender man's popularity, so with them behind it, you know it's going to be a good game.

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