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We're already freaked out by the possible outbreak in Miami, so what do you do when it happens in your city?

Will you be prepared for a living dead apocalypse?

Are the undead among us now?

There is a good possibility that you could be eaten alive, today! or worse, attacked by someone who think you're one of the undead.

So how do you know who is one? What do they look like? Where do they come from?

And most importantly, how do they think so I know how to avoid them, and how do I kill one?

I've been in the trenches. I've seen Armageddon on small scales. I've fought off hordes of the undead to protect my loved ones, and I came out clean and fortunately unscathed for the most part.

I will teach you everything you need to know about the undead, their history and origins, their blood, their brains, and how to kill them.

Stick with me and you will learn to sense the undead from a mile away, you'll know what to pack in your emergency kit, you'll be a great runner, and in the end we all go home safe.

For the rest of you who've got the killing zeds thing down, you'll also find makeup tutorials for Halloween (or for when you want to make a prank video), movie, game, and book reviews, and you can get your fill of the latest undead merchandise.

You'll also find undead apocalypse training resources, which will bring you up to speed on being in shape enough in order to survive the undead, as well as look good for impressing that girl or guy.

Explore More Than Your Fair Share of Undead

I've researched, compiled, and personally experienced so much from dealing with the walking dead (and sometimes dressing up like one to disguise myself from them) and I've written about it all right here:

  • two survival kits
  • best weapons and defense gear lists
  • weapons knowledge (improvised weapons included)
  • how to kill a zombie
  • how to avoid undead blood
  • what they look like
  • simple, intermediate, and advanced makeup tutorials
  • what the undead want
  • what they are afraid of
  • the types of undead (including Nazis, Jesus, monsters, and theoretical undead)
  • history and origins
  • modern day examples of undead
  • recent attacks news
  • an in depth survival guide
  • undead film, game, and book reviews
  • links to popular zed merchandise, for enthusiasts
  • haven for those doing the Fit Zombie program

Above all, stay informed, stay safe, and be fun.

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